Can A Electric Scooter Help to Combat COVID-19?

The World Is in an uproar over the Novel Virus known as COVID-19, or CoronaVirus. It has brought the world and nearly all everyday life in it to a sudden halt, until further notice. Most Of The United States has issued a mandatory stay at home order, leaving Millions of Americans confined to the four walls they call home. 

So the question a large handful of our Customers have asked us in the past few weeks is "Can Owning my own Electric Scooter Assist me in practicing social distancing, to avoid catching the Virus"?

The Answer Is Simple.


Yes. But, when used the right way.


Let us tell you why.


A Electric Scooter gives you the ability to Simply Drive to your destination in a breeze. Some Americans, including myself rely on public transit to get to work, run errands, etc. Along with that, thousands of other people use the same transit, sit in the same seats, grab onto the same Poles to regain balance after the Train or bus lurches to a stop or Go. 

Thousands of Different Germs, all inside one public transit incubator. This isn't meant to frighten you not to use Public Transit, but it is definitely something to think about. Many cities pride themselves on sanitizing public transit daily, or even multiple times a day. Then again, Many cities don't. 

A Electric Scooter might not relieve one from using Public Transit, but it can most definitely Minimize the amount of time you use it, which in the end might be what saves you in the long run.


We also understand That Right now that millions have been sent home from work, or even laid off, and only have a set amount of money to use during this epidemic. We Understand that here at MOBILEityTech, and know that every dollar counts, which is also why A Electric Scooter might be a viable option of travel, until you return back to work. 

Since our Electric Scooters are Powered by electricity, All you have to do is plug your PowerGlide in and boom. Your Good for 20-32 Miles depending on Our Models. No expensive Trips to the gas station. No oil changes. No insurance. No car note. You can get your scooter in 2-4 Days, for as little as $60 Down.

To assist our fellow citizens adapt to this sudden change, use Code "POWERON" At checkout, for 15% off your entire purchase.


We know times are tough, but we are Americans. We never give up. We Adapt. Stay Safe MOBILEites.

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