Why Electric Scooter’s Are Changing The Way People Commute Forever

It’s no secret that in the last few recent years, popularity of E-powered travel has really picked up, electric scooters being one of them. Some may find Electric Scooters childish or have stereotypes about them, but we’ll be listing below why Electric Scooters are one of the best modern ways to get around in todays time.

They are incredibly convenient - most of them are folding and they store away in a small space. Yet they deliver speeds like an electric bike without any paddling. Take them to the office in the morning and you arrrive without having broken a sweat.

They are not expensive and operation is (almost) free. You can get a decent scooter for your commute for 600–700$. If you use it to replace your 5 mile commute by car to work everyday, you will save around $250 in a year just on gas. That does not count parking, cost of your car etc.

They are essential for a greener future of transportation: scooters in general and rental scooters in particular fill an important

gap in the last mile of transport in inner cities. More people are choosing not to own a car. They use rentals, ride sharing and public transport. Electric scooters fill the gap for the last 1–3 miles from train station to home or your office. And they are eco friendly.

They are so much fun. The feeling of freedom once you are standing on the board and zipping along with 20mph makes you forget you are on your way to work. There are also a few models that go even faster and some with very long range and a seat - for those long commutes in more rural areas.

Which Model Do I Get?

There are hundreds of Different Model Scooters, on the market, and it does get confusing to choose the perfect one for your situation, because in reality, we all have different problems, and that’s why our personal favorite is the Series 3 PowerGlide. With its Lightweight Heavy Duty Frame, Kinetic Energy Storing System, We Think this is the right model to fit all Basic Commuting Needs.









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